Stock Market

No way to avoid the money

Bringing the environment closer to investment? A matter of course for Benjamin Wendt. He even shows his children his payslip and lets them work on the budget.

Get your maturity!

Two out of three women in Germany will later face poverty in old age. Money coach Dani Parthum explains how this could happen and what women can do about...

The nest egg must be there

Often, ignorance and fear are the reasons for not investing money for old age. There are simple rules that can be used to invest successfully. In any case, always...

ETFs are exactly the right place to start

A major hurdle in investing: the beginning. Lars Erichsen tells us when is the right time, what he gives his children, and how you can get rich with 200...

Financial education must go to schools

Some people think that one does not talk about money. Financial coach Claudia Müller thinks that the taboo on the subject of finance must disappear. This is their proposal...

I don’t measure my happiness by a number

Investment takes time. In order to invest, however, you don't have to spend that much, explains Chiara Bachmann. And: you don't have to follow a specific number.


Home bias

Investors like to invest in companies around the corner, says Thomas the Sparkojote. As a Swiss citizen, he also has many Swiss stocks: “You just have to be satisfied!” How important is a home bias to...

More knowledge means more security

For many people, the stock market is too uncertain. They are afraid of losing their money. Blogger Chiara tells us how she convinced these people to take the risk anyway? How do you convince people who...

Ethical investing is a marketing gag

In a blog post, Luis Pazos deals with sin stocks. In his opinion, stocks and morals have nothing to do with each other. There is much better leverage. How do you feel about ethical investments?