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Fitur 2020: Spanish tourism faces the transformation of its model

Reconversion of the product and the destination. Saturated cities and mature destinations look for alternatives to their success. Sustainability and digitization are the two main challenges that will mark the future of the sector With virtual or augmented reality glasses, and without...

Strategic Empathy

Have you ever looked at yourself in the mirror and said to yourself "I deserve much more than what I have achieved"? I understand you. It happened to me. Surely you are a person with great aspirations and you will be with...

Without a compass, but with a map

No one has the compass that points the way back to pre-pandemic income and employment levels No one has the compass that points the way back to pre-pandemic income and employment levels. Nobody. And be wary of whoever claims to have it....

Data protection in the event of hard Brexit

The last date for the United Kingdom to leave the European Community was set for January 31, 2020. In any case, if it is going to be the final date remains to be seen. As we already know, Brexit will generate serious...

Hotels, a business for sale

There is still a significant gap between what buyers want to pay and what sellers want to receive The Atalaya fund, created by Andbank to invest in the Spanish hotel sector, has 60 purchase operations on the radar. Of these, between 15...